Zuhra Malik

Public Health Specialist & Researcher 








Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth:

December 28th, 1990

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Hello! I'm Zuhra


I am completing my final year of specialization in Public Health under the faculty of Health Sciences at Ontario Tech University (OntariTech-U) while gaining practical academic experience in preventing diseases and improving quality of life through the use of evidence to inform policy. Accordingly, I have conducted deep research projects directed by the associate dean of undergraduate studies and director of BHSc and BAHSc programs at Ontario Tech University in collaboration with Ontario Shores. Moreover, I have assisted in coordinating sustainable development, peace and the promotion of human rights and wellbeing through working for UNHCR. In addition, I am an active researcher for Dr. Adam Dubrowski and team for maxSIMhealth in developing partnerships in reaping the benefits of a world truly working together towards an accessible and sustainable goal to inspect processes and interact with a simulation model in action. Our purpose is to find current simulation gaps and deliver advanced solutions to enhance health care systems worldwide.


Researcher & Student Representative

maxSIMhealth & Ontario Tech University

  • Visited patients with dementia at Ontario Shores and assessed their behavior patterns and needs

  • Performed and assessed all research tasks with patient-centered focus while seeking opportunities for improvement of process

  • Prepared and manage detailed databases with excellent documentation and reporting skills along with the ability to maintain confidentiality and accuracy

  • Sound, ethical and independent decision making ability consistent with protocols

  • Observed patients, family members and participants and evaluated their needs

  • Active role in decision-making processes to inform new educational strategies and liaising with faculty, staff and students


 Frontline Administrator & Program Reviewer

Faculty of Health Sciences- Ontario Tech University

  • Aim as part of the ongoing pursuit of higher levels of achievement and quality in the university, and in the service of program improvement.

  • Evaluate and self-evaluation of how Ontario Tech-U's response to the needs that communities and students have identified.

  • Respond and resolve Staff members’ concerns by assessing their needs and concerns using standard procedures and escalating non-standard activities, as necessary


                                 Administration Assistant                                                                                                                        

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

  • Assisted International Organization for Migration with interpretation work and assist them in conducting interviewing sessions with the refugees

  • Assessed and evaluated the barriers and limitations such as physical and mental capacity, and low health literacy of clients with depression and dementia with the supervisor

  • Involved families of clients with the care process

  • Located patients to patient-centered medical home, and created a patient care concept via a collaborative approach also involving physicians, patients and their families and YMCA aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem solving 

  • Successfully used techniques such as positive reinforcement and praise that resulted in client satisfaction and motivation

  • Administered outreach services to assist refugees facing issues such as harassment, security and unemployment and always maintained client’s confidentiality and privacy

  • Made home visits and recorded refugee claims and patient behavioral findings, prepared relevant documentation on a regular basis


Bachelor’s Degree

Faculty of Health Sciences-Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)  

Specializing in Public Health focusing on policy development and research practice



Durham College 

General Arts and Science – Science and Engineering


Microsoft ExCel - Advanced

Microsoft Word - Advanced

Power Point - Proficient

Adobe- Proficient

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral & written)

Initiative driven, team player and also capable of working independently & strong analytical and problem-solving abilities

Multilingual in English, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Pashto, Dairi and Tajiki

High level of planning, organizing and time management skills

Detail oriented and result driven

I'M A Researcher 
  • Co-Author of the research paper written on dementia published on the International Journal of Neurology and Neurotherapy

  • Conducted deep research project topics as directed by the dean and associate dean undergraduate studies and director of BHSc and BAHSc programs at Ontario Tech University.

  • Commended by the project officer and associate professor for quality of research and observing and evaluating patients with depression and dementia

  • Co-author -                                                Bartfay WJ, Gamble B, Duff-Woskosky A, Mazik Z, Zavitz K (2019) Views on the Effectiveness of a Google Jam Session for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Brainstorming to Solve Clinical Issues on a Geriatric Dementia Unit. Int J Neurol Neurother 6:085.

I'M A Program Reviewer
  • Conducted a systematic, objective, impartial and expert-based examination of Allied Health Program at Ontario Tech University

  • Performed and assessed all program evaluation under a productive supervision with patient-centered focus while seeking opportunities for improvement of process at Ontario Tech University and Ontario Shores

I'M A Policy Developer
  • Coordinated the developed clear and strategic policy messages and strategies during Faculty meetings at Ontario Tech University

  • Participated in Developing and implementing strategies, classifying and identifying key initiatives and outcomes for clients and their health status under the supervision of qualified supervisors at UNHCR in partnership with YMCA and Don Bosco

  • making effective recommendations for considerations in Mass Disaster Management: Food Poisoning Outbreak at Ontario Tech University